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Character Sheets

Post by Anahera King on Wed Nov 25, 2015 10:43 pm

Before you can start posting on the RP, you will need to complete this form about your character. This allows you to flesh out your character and gives other members the opportunity to learn more about them. Once you have completed it, please post in it this forum to await approval by a moderator or admin.

Your character sheet should contain at least the following:

Name: Your character’s full name and any potential nicknames.
Birth date: All students except those whose birthday falls between January 1 and January 14 are 12 years old when they enter their first year at Huatahi and will turn 13 over the course of this school year. This means that, for the 2016 school year, all first year students were born in 2003.
Country of residence: The country your character is currently living in.
Languages: The languages your character knows and, optionally, how well they understand and speak them.
Living conditions: Is your character wealthy or poor? Are they living in a big mansion or a small apartment? Do they get anything they want or do they have to make do with what they have?
Blood line: Are either of your character’s parents magical or are they both Muggles? How much does your character know about the magical and Muggle world?
Wand: Mention at least the wood and core of your character’s wand. Optional are wand length, flexibility and any particular aptitude.
Pet: Your character may bring a crow, rat, salamander, tortoise or puffskein to Huatahi.

Appearance: Mention thing like length and size, hair and eye colour, posture, personal style, notable scars and birth marks, etc.
Personality: What is your character like on the inside and how do they behave? Mention at least three positive and three negative aspects of their personality. This can be done in list form or full text.
Relationships: Who are the most important people in your character’s life? Give a brief summary of their relation to your character and how well they get along.
Personal History: Mention at least the important events in your character’s life that shaped their current personality. For inspiration: What is their relationship with their family like? Do they have many friends? How did they do in school? What do they like to do in their free time? How did they find out they had magical abilities and how did they react? If your character is not from New Zealand or one of the other pacific islands, why did they choose to go to Huatahi?


[b]Birth date:[/b]
[b]Country of residence:[/b]
[b]Living conditions:[/b]
[b]Blood line:[/b]

[b]Personal History:[/b]

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