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Winifred Treloar

Post by Winifred Treloar on Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:41 am

Name: Winifred Darlene Treloar
Birth date: 1 November 1987 [28]
Country of residence: New Zealand
Living conditions:
Winifred’s parents are financially quite fortunate. They are also very generous and don’t mind sharing their wealth with their only daughter. However, Winifred refuses to accept their money. She herself doesn’t earn a lot, but she manages. Her parents cringe at the sight of her tiny apartment in Blenheim in the north east of the South Island, but Winnie loves it.
Blood line: Halfblood
Wand: Pine wood with the core of Dragon Heartstring. 26 cm 8 long and slightly pliant.  
Pet: A radiated tortoise called Sidony, but it is usually called Sid. Sid is 68 years old as for January 2016 and used to belong to Winifred’s grandmother. The tortoise is 37 cm long.

Apart from the dark glances she gives people with her greyish blue eyes, everything about Winifred is rather fair. Her skin is pale and she gets easily sunburned during summer, which is too bad, as she loves to be outside and often ‘forgets’ to use some sunscreen. Therefore she may appear with sunburn  quite regularly, although she barely tans at all. Winnie has long, blonde hair, which she usually wears loose. Furthermore, she is slim and fairly muscular, thanks to a healthy diet and regular workouts. Winnie is 1 m 69 tall.  

Although Winifred is daring, she is definitely not reckless. She will think about  consequences, although she might not always make the right decision upon considering. Sometimes it won’t be right for herself, but more often it won’t be right towards other people. That’s because Winnie is self-preservative, which makes her act like a bitch every now and then. However, she doesn’t want to be spoiled either. She likes to be independent and will usually do whatever she likes, often showing her stubbornness to the world. It is also fairly easy to annoy Winifred, which can cause snappy remarks and sarcastic answers. She is usually honest in a frank way that might hurt people’s feelings. In reality Winnie is actually a very caring person, but sometimes it’s hard to discover that side of her.

Mother – Harper Morris-Treloar [54] Pureblood Wix
Harper is a somewhat blunt and sassy lady of Pureblood descent. Both her parents came from wealthy families and she doesn’t know better than to be privileged. She worked as an Unspeakable for the Ministry for several years, after which she quit her job and started breeding Kneazles for fun. Winifred was still young back then and can’t remember a life without pets. Her mother really taught her the love for animals and how to take care of them.

Father – Julian Treloar [59] Muggleborn Wix
Julian is a rather genius Muggleborn Wix who enjoyed discovering the world of magic from the moment he found out he was a Wizard. He was open to new things, but he did not hesitate to question everything he learned. In fact, Julian was kind of a pain in the ass, but a good student and very ambitious. Therefore it wasn’t very surprising he became a successful politician, working for the Ministry of Magic in New Zealand.  

Good friend – Eleanora Payne [28] Halfblood Wix
Elly is one of Winifred’s best friends and also one of her ex-girlfriends. They dated during their teenage period, in their fifth and sixth year at Huatahi.  Eleanora is biracial and of white and Maori descent. The two girls were in the same year, but only became really good friends after both joined the Maori Language Association during their fourth year.

Personal History:
Winifred was born in Wellington, as the only daughter to Harper and Julian Treloar. They lived in a huge mansion outside the capital city of their country, where the girl was raised like a princess. She had everything she could ask for, but her parents were very protective and Winifred was exactly the kind of girl that wanted to discover the world without any restrictions. She wanted to play with the kids from the nearby village, visit beautiful places and swim with dolphins, but her parents wouldn’t let her, not even in their presence. This made Winifred quite sad, and caused her to rebel against her parents during her teenage period.  

Both Winnie’s parents were a Wix, so it came to no surprise that their daughter received an acceptance letter from Huatahi Magic School. They were incredibly happy for her, but also very scared. Winifred was excited to leave home and finally be independent from her parents. Of course there would be a lot of rules, but it was definitely better than home.

Winifred enjoyed her time at Huatahi and it was soon discovered how much she loved being outside. She not only liked the freedom, but also the flora and fauna, in which she was extremely interested. Nature Studies naturally became her favourite subject, for which she received extremely high marks.
Although Winifred was a good student, she was a lot more interested in partying and relationships. She soon discovered her interest in girls, even though she did not dare to declare herself gay yet. She had some boyfriends too, but her preference for girls was undeniable.  

Winifred experienced a difficult year when she was sixteen years old. She kept her problems a secret and afterwards she tried her hardest to forget everything, and when the new school year started, she acted like nothing even happened. Winnie actually had her first official girlfriend then, Eleanora, with whom she had a lot of fun. They dated for almost two years, but in their last year they decided to break up. Winnie and Elly remained friends however, and still see each other regularly.

After six years at Huatahi Winifred graduated and she continued her education to become a Magizoologist. During that period she had a few more relationships, girls only, but nothing was as serious as with Elly.
By the time she turned twenty years old and officially became an adult, Winifred lived on her own in Blenheim. That birthday, she received a very special present from her grandmother, Wilhelmina Morris, namely her tortoise called Sidony. At that time, the pet was already sixty years old, as Winifred’s grandmother got the tortoise from her parents when she was twelve and about to start her education at Huatahi herself. Wilhelmina died six years later. By then, Winifred had graduated once more. She had started job hunting and eventually got hired as the Nature Studies professor at her old school.


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