Aito- Aiga

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Aito- Aiga

Post by Aito-Aiga on Wed Dec 09, 2015 3:47 pm

Name: Aito-Aiga (= fearless existence). Nickname Ai-Ai.
Birth date: April 1 2003
Country of residence: Easter Island (= Rapa Nui) in Polynesia, Chile.
Languages: Rapa Nui. She learned English from tourists.
Living conditions: She lives just outside the capital, Hanga Roa, in small stone hill/house with her older sister Atariki (=firstborn).
Blood line: Rapa Nui with muggle parents who died at age 6 from a falling Moai head. Her powers showed for the first time at that very same day. She didn’t know anything about magic except some old legends passed between the Rapa Nui. She was very surprised at receiving a lettre.
Wand: Palmtree wood, pigmy puff hair core, 27.5cm long
Pet: Baby masked booby named Manu (=bird)

Appearance: She’s 1.60 meters high, skinny, with long loose brown hair, hazel eyes and almond skin. Likes to wear light dresses and walking barefoot.
Personality: You know one of those annoyingly happy, shiny people bouncing around the place? That’s her. Always optimistic and trying to make friends and help out. Artistic, always singing, dancing and making up stories. She’s pretty good at it. Growing up Rapa Nui she’s perceived as a little bit of a weirdo by outsiders. Completely lacks senses such as common sense, sense of direction or sense of time. Also very bad at anything to do with science and exact figures, but who needs this when you’re a witch right?
Relationships: She only has her big sister Atariki, who raised her since she was six, when their parents died. They are each other’s best friends, always together wherever they go. Atariki helped Aito-Aiga discover and explore her magical powers, even though she doesn’t have any herself. Ai-Ai has no other close friends, but she’s loved by all islanders because of her sunny personality and kindness.
Personal history: The sisters guide tourists around the island together, proud of their beautiful land, making a decent living that way. Ai-Ai went to Rapa Nui school, where she learned the basics but mostly local legends and rituals. She’s part of numerous artistic groups such as a local dancing group, a choir, nature painting class and town campfire gatherings where they trade stories. She’s never been off her island. As Rapa Nui she has a strong connection to nature, befriending various island animals and growing lots of flowers and plants.


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Re: Aito- Aiga

Post by Anahera King on Wed Dec 09, 2015 6:19 pm

Approved. Welcome to Huatahi!

You have been placed in the Magical Introduction elective. Feel free to PM me if you disagree with this.

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