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Forum & School Rules

Post by Anahera King on Wed Nov 25, 2015 10:31 pm


1. Account & Character

1.1: Username
When you register on this forum, your username should be your character’s first and last name. This name may have no obvious link to any existing character in the Harry Potter universe, nor to any real people.

1.2: Multiple accounts
Multiple accounts are allowed on this forum, as long as you are capable of keeping every account active. We want to see at least five (more) in-character posts with each of your accounts before you make a new one. This means that, to make a second account, you must have at least 5 in-character posts with your first account. To make a third account, your first character must have 10 in-character posts and your second one 5. And so forth… If you have a good reason to create a new character despite not having the required number of posts, send me a PM and we'll discuss it.

1.3: Avatar
Your personal avatar must be related in some way to your character and may not contain any offensive or adult content. The maximum avatar size is 150x200 pixels.

1.4: Signature
Your signature may contain text or an image and must be related to your character. The maximum size for images is 600x150 pixels.

1.5: Advertising
This forum uses a link partnering system. Any advertising for other websites outside of this is forbidden. This includes posts, avatars and signatures. Members may, however, post a link to their own website or forum in their profile.

2. Posting

2.1: Language
This forum is in English and everything on it should be posted in English. American and British spelling are both allowed.

2.2: Colours and images
Moderators and admins can each be recognised by their own distinctive colour, which they also use for editing. Other members are not allowed to write in colour on this forum. Please do not use emoticons in in-character posts. Large images should always be linked to so as not to stretch out the page.

2.3: Godmoding
Godmoding applies to in-character posting and means that you decide what another character says or does without them stating so in a previous post or giving you explicit permission. This even applies to things as insignificant as saying that another character catches an object you throw their way, so please be careful to avoid it. If you godmode another character with that person’s permission, be sure to mention it at the end of your post. NPCs can be godmoded in accordance with the information provided about them, and mentions of the actions of nameless students are also allowed.

2.4: Third person singular
On this forum, all RP-ing is done in third person singular (he, she, they, etc.) and in full sentences.

2.5: Double posting
Double posting, or posting twice in a row, is not allowed. This counts for in-character and out-of-character posts (although we might look the other way in the playground section). If you have something to add to a previous post, there is an edit button for just that purpose.

2.6: Post length
Please make any in-character post at least 150 words long.

2.7: NSFW content
Content that is not suitable for work (anything of a sexual, violent, profane or otherwise provocative nature) must be avoidable and is therefore not allowed in avatars, signatures or profiles. Any topics containing this content must be labeled as such, and members are encouraged to use trigger and content warnings where necessary.


1: Intolerable behaviour
The use of magic is not allowed outside of classes, clubs or homework. Any form of violence, bullying or discrimination is strictly forbidden and may lead to expulsion.

2: School uniform
The school uniform must be worn at all times during school hours (9:00 – 17:00).

3: Curfew
All students must be in bed at 22:00. Lights out at 23:00.

4: Absenteeism
Students are only allowed to miss class with a written note from the school healer or a teacher.

5: Pets
Students are allowed to bring a crow or other carrier bird, rat, salamander, tortoise or puffskein to Huatahi. They are solely responsible for the well-being and safety of their animal.

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