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Post by Anahera King on Mon Nov 30, 2015 10:43 pm

The following is a list of all vacancies for staff positions at Huatahi. Information about subjects can be found here.

TEACHER POSITIONS (brackets denote the years in which this class is taught)

- Magical Introduction (1-3)
- Muggle Studies (1-6)
- History (1-6)
- Healing Magic (1-6)
- Transfiguration and Human Transformation (1-6 & 4-6) (must apply for both)
- Defensive Magic (1-6)
- Magical Theory (1-3)
- Magical Research and Creation (4-6)
- Flying (1)

Teachers are required to post at least one class per school year for every year currently open to students (as of now, Year 1 and 4). They must also moderate the subforum of their classroom and the off-topic area, and be available for discussion in the staff room and answering users’ questions.


- Librarian
- Healer
- Caretaker: responsible for the general maintenance of the school building and small repairs
- Groundskeeper: responsible for maintenance of the island and the magical creatures in the barn
- Kitchen staff
- House-elves: to work in the kitchen or hospital wing, or do general cleaning

Staff members must moderate the subforum of their work area and the off-topic area, and be available for discussion in the staff room and answering users’ questions.

All staff members are moderators, and that is why you must apply if you are interested in one of the positions listed above. You can do this by sending me a PM with the following information:
[b]Position:[/b] the job you are applying for.
[b]Age:[/b] your real age.
[b]RP experience:[/b] an estimate of how long you have been RP-ing. If possible, provide us with one or two links to recent posts (preferably in English, but Dutch or French are also accepted).
[b]Moderating experience:[/b] (an estimate of) the number of forums you have moderation experience on.
[b]Character:[/b] a short description of the character you would like to play.

Lastly, do not let a lack of experience stop you from applying. If we can tell that you are an active and dedicated member, and your character description seems promising, there is a good chance you will be taken on.

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